Rainy Day Activities In Tampa

Rainy Day Activities In Tampa

Tampa is a beautiful waterfront city to visit and enjoy countless activities. Visitors to the city can spend the day going to amusement parks, museums or other sightseeing options. However, when it rains in the city, are there any recreational options to choose from?

Tourists do not need to feel disappointed. Fortunately, the city offers many recreational activities even when the weather is less than sunny. There are several indoor activities and entertainment options to select when there is wet weather. The following is a list of options that you and your family can consider if you are in Tampa during a rainy period.

The Florida Aquarium

If it is raining outside, it may seem appropriate to visit the Florida Aquarium. It is an eye-opening structure that contains over twenty-five thousand different types of marine life.

For history buffs, you can check out the SS American Victory. This was a World War II war ship that was transformed into a museum. The museum is located inside of the ship, and it is located near the Aquarium.


After leaving the Aquarium, you may want to visit one of the many museums that are located in Tampa. Some of the museums in the city are:

• The Florida Holocaust Museum
• Tampa’s Museum Of Science
• The Ybor City Museum
• Bay History Center
• The Salvador Dali Museum

These are some of the most popular museums in the area where both children and adults can learn about Tampa’s history. There can admire the butterfly gardens and the artwork that are located in these venues.

Dinner And Movie

Staying inside to watch a movie is always a popular rainy day activity. Fortunately, there are several great theaters in the Tampa area. One of the most popular movie theaters in Tampa is the CineBistro: Hyde Park. This venue provides a full bar and customers can order draft beer, martinis, mojitos and other drinks.

A hostess will seat you at a table and wait staff will be ready to take your order. There is a wide selection of choices such as pasta, burgers, flatbread and dessert. You even have the choice of ordering drinks from the bar while you are watching the movie.

Inside Sporting Events

These events will help to forget it is a dreary day outside when you are cheering on the local team. There are several venues that host sporting events such as The USF Sun Dome. Trade shows and festivals are also held in the arena year round.

These are just some of the options that you can choose from when you want to enjoy a rainy day in Tampa. By considering these suggestions, you will discover another side to Tampa you may not have known about.

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